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State of the art power supply

Security | Comfort | Durability

Technological solutions used by EMENO:

During the process of designing batteries and power supply systems, the use of correct technology is an important factor affecting the final product. Particular solutions are adjusted to individual needs of the customer and technical specification of electrical equipment.

Properly selected technology ensures safety, reliability and durability of the designed power supply. Among important factors are also: convenient use, project budget and external conditions, under which the device will be operated.

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) technology

Together with a battery management system (BMS)

One of the most modern and popular solutions with high energy or power density & light weight. Currently primarily used in everyday electrical devices, due to the ability to design light and small power sources for portable applications, however, larger systems allow to power even electric vehicles

  • High durability– over 1000 work cycles
  • Highest energy density among all available solutions
  • Possibility to recharge at any given time
  • No memory effect
  • Low self-discharge rate

Products manufactured based on the Li-ion technology are equipped with battery management system (BMS), which monitors their condition ensuring additional safety.

BMS system monitors all parameters, protecting the source of supply from any damage. It balances cells, improving their efficiency and capacity, as well as ensuring full functionality under unfavourable conditions. It extends their lifetime and helps keep the desired charge condition. In order to ensure even greater control, standard communication protocols are used (SMBus, I2C, SPI, CAN).

Nickel metal hydride technology (Ni-Mh)

  • Well-known and safe solution
  • Low costs of building a power supply system
  • No memory effect
  • Lack of heavy metals in the production process – environmentally-safe technology

Nickel-cadmium technology (Ni-CD)

  • Large number of working cycles
  • Quick charging
  • Attractive production costs
  • Good high current parameters
  • Popular in solutions for the medical industry

Lithium technology with voltage of 3,0V and 3,6V

  • Long-term used on the market of electrical devices
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • High voltage
  • Large energy density
  • Ability to work in very wide range of operating conditions

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