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Customized power supply kits

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Specialized in design
and manufacturing

EMENO has been operating as a specialist design and manufacturing company for 13 years now, providing its services to German, Austrian and Swiss markets. We offer dedicated solutions in the form of electric power supply systems, manufactured based on requirements and specifications of particular customers and their equipment.  

Experience and variety of projects allow us to assume the position of a specialist company in designing dedicated solutions for various industries.

Cooperation with EMENO offers you:

  • Power supply systems distinguished by their highest quality and longivity;
  • Full functionality of power supply systems, even under extreme operating conditions;
  • Safe assembly and high quality of components;
  • Ability to conduct tests and provide certificates to finished products;
  • Flexibility – designing and manufacturing of any power supply kits, including individual customer specification requirements;
  • Small and large production series;
  • Understanding of the needs and requirements of the industry.

We execute projects

How does cooperation with EMENO look like:

Stage 0

Contact with the customer

We start cooperation from establishing the needs and discussing technical specification of the customer’s equipment. Acceptance of preliminary recommendations means engaging the R&D department and preparation of a complete offer, including the final price of the package, tools and NRE.

Stage I

Project design

At the beginning we create an electronic and mechanical project design. We render a 3D model and prepare the layout of BMS or PCM protection systems.  

Stage II

Rapid Prototyping

At this stage of the project, we prepare its prototype, by cutting particular elements in 3D. We make preliminary validation of parameters and assembly, and then confirm the components. A prototype passes functional and pre UN Test, after which it is accepted by the customer.

Stage III

Prototype made of target components

After final validation of parameters and assembly, the prototype is ready for performance tests. Positive performance results are submitted to the customer, who confirms that the product meets all customer’s requirements.

Stage IV


Preparation of production line and production of the 0 series. Final acceptance of the product by the customer.

Stage V


At the request of the customer, packages are prepared for proper certification. We supervise the entire test and certification processes.

We ensure that our final products have all the necessary certification standards:

We ensure that our final products have all the necessary certification standards:

UN Test

Confirmation of meeting the standards that classify the product as safe for transport.

CE marking

Product conformity with EU directives: Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

IEC 62133

Confirmation of international standards for safe use for secondary cells and batteries for use in portable applications.

IP code/International Protection Marking

Determining the degree of protection of electrical equipment against penetration of external factors.


Certificate of an independent global company – Underwriters Laboratorie, confirming high quality and safety of product according to American standards.

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